Why does a man have a hard time staying in his own skin?

A man who spent decades living in a suburban New York apartment, where he felt completely alone, has been granted permanent asylum.

The man, who goes by the name of “Matt”, told The Associated Press that he has a unique way of coping.

He said he felt like an outsider in his home country of Ghana when he left the country for the United States.

He was able to work, go to school and even attend college, but said he found it difficult to adjust to a new culture.

Matt said his family was in poverty and he struggled to find work, so he decided to move to the United Kingdom, where his family had a job.

But Matt said he struggled with loneliness and was often rejected by friends and family, so when he applied for asylum, he thought he would never be granted asylum.

He also had some issues with police and immigration officials.

Matt’s lawyer, James Mowry, said he was worried that if he were to receive asylum, the man would be sent back to Ghana to continue living in isolation.

Matt told the AP he hopes that his story will help other asylum seekers feel like they are not alone and have a chance to make their way through the asylum process.

Mowry said he believes Matt is a victim of what he calls a system of fear and xenophobia that has led to so many people ending up in the United Nations system.

He said he would like to see the United Nation take a strong stand against the problem of xenophobia in asylum cases.

In Ghana, people who have spent years living in an apartment often feel completely isolated and unable to interact with other people, Mowary said.

The Ghanaian government has been struggling with poverty and poverty is also an issue.

In recent years, Mwary said, there has been a rise in cases of domestic violence against women in Ghana.

He also said that many people in Ghana have little understanding of what asylum is or how it works.

He told AP that while Matt has a very difficult time with loneliness, he has no idea why.

He believes it has to do with the fact that he lives in a country where he feels totally alone, Mowe said.

The Associated Press is not naming Matt because of his status as a refugee.

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