Why are some modern bedrooms so bright?

Modern bedrooms have been the subject of much discussion.

Many people believe that bright lights have an impact on the sleep patterns of people.

But new research has found that bright light may actually improve sleep.

It appears that bright lighting improves sleep quality and can even be a sign of improvement in some people.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) found that people who had a room with a white, high-quality wall mirror had significantly more night sleep than those with a room that had a white or muted wall mirror.

The results suggest that if you have a room in which the light is bright, you may be better off getting some white, muted wall mirrors.

While the research is still preliminary, the results are encouraging, says lead author Elizabeth O’Reilly, a UCLA professor of psychology and psychiatry.

“If you have white or a subdued wall mirror, you’re more likely to have sleep issues,” she says.

“That’s not to say that it’s the only factor.

But it seems to be a major one.”

The study was published in the Journal of Sleep Research.

Researchers asked people to sit in front of a wall mirror for 30 minutes.

The researchers then asked participants to rate how bright and bright the room looked.

Participants rated how bright the mirror was on a scale from 0 (not bright) to 10 (very bright).

Researchers then took those ratings and compared them to sleep data collected by a sleep researcher.

This study looked at the effect of different lighting conditions.

A white, medium-quality mirror would be viewed as a high-light level, while a muted white or white-saturated mirror would have a dimming effect on sleep.

However, the researchers also looked at whether the participants were getting enough light to properly compensate for dimming.

They found that there was no difference in sleep quality when subjects were in the dark or bright light.

“Our results suggest people are getting enough illumination to adequately compensate for the effects of dimming,” O’ Reilly says.

She says it’s important to remember that these findings are correlational and can’t be relied on to prove cause and effect.

O’Connor says her research has shown that bright rooms may be associated with improved sleep.

But she says that’s not a reason to ditch bright light altogether.

“The key is to use light conditions that are compatible with sleep,” she said.

“If the conditions are bright enough, you won’t get any noticeable sleep changes.

And if the conditions aren’t bright enough or the conditions dim enough, then you may end up in a situation where you’re really uncomfortable.”

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