Which bedroom is best for your baby?

The average American spends more than $7,500 on baby clothes each year, according to a new survey, with some brands selling more than 10 pairs of clothes per person. 

But when it comes to the ultimate in baby-friendly decor, the survey found the most common choices are bedroom covers and beds that are designed to look like baby.

Here are 10 of the coolest and most unique baby bedroom decor ideas.1.

The Sleepy Baby Bed cover, made by the popular designer Nylon, is available at the online retailer SleepyBaby.com for $2,000.

It features a soft bed and a bed frame that rests on a soft mattress. 

This bed cover is made from a combination of natural fabrics and bamboo, which is easy to care for and provides a safe, comfortable sleep environment for babies. 

The cover comes with a “baby pillow,” a mattress pad and a baby towel. 


The Sleeping Baby Pillow, a design by the designer Svetlana, is $1,300.

It’s a sleep cover that features a sleeping baby pillow, a baby sleeping pad and baby blanket. 

You can use this pillow as a sleep mat for baby, too. 


The baby crib by the French designer Siamin, available at Siamins.com, has a sleeping crib, a crib mat, a bed mat, an infant crib and a crib cushion. 


The “baby crib by Siamini” is also available at a whopping $1.4 million.

It has a crib, crib mat and baby crib cushion, as well as a sleeping pad that is covered with a soft fabric. 


The crib mat by designer Tessa Furlong, available on Amazon for $1 million, has an extra soft mattress on the outside of the crib that is designed to mimic a baby’s head.

It also features a crib bed cover that sits over the crib, and a mattress mat that is soft and cushioned to the infant’s head as well. 


The sleeper blanket by designer Nara, available for $800 on Amazon, is a soft baby blanket that is made to fit a baby.

It comes with an additional baby crib mat that sits atop the blanket, a sleep pad that sits on top of the bed and baby bed covers that sit on top. 


The infant crib by designer Kanae, available with a mattress, a pillow and a soft crib cover, is also $1 per child. 


The bed cover by designer Elisa Linares, available as a “sleeping bed” for $400 on Amazon.

It includes a crib cover that can be used as a bed, a mattress and a pillow. 


The soft crib by Elisa’s Baby, available in a variety of styles, is the ultimate baby bed cover for toddlers.

It can be folded and placed flat over the bed, as seen in this photo from Elisa. 


The Baby crib by Linare is also a sleeper blanket, available by itself for $600. 

There are more than a dozen options for baby bed decor that feature bed covers, crib mats and bed covers.

These beds, which are designed for babies, come in multiple colors, sizes and styles.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular baby bedroom accessories:

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