When the French are the enemy, why should anyone care?

French President Emmanuel Macron has a new problem.

The country is on the verge of a full-blown civil war.

He has not been able to unite it, and the crisis threatens to tear France apart.

Here are six reasons why.1.

Macron has been trying to unite the country for decades, but it has been slow and painful.

In France, the country’s political divides are rooted in the countrys history.

For centuries, France has been divided between the Church and the Catholic Church.

The Church and its religious leaders have been responsible for shaping French society for generations.

The French people, on the other hand, have always voted for the Church.

In recent years, however, the political divides between the church and the political parties have become increasingly strained.

The parties that the Church wants to run the country have become the ones who are the ones making the decisions in French politics.

This has become the main reason why the French people are angry at the political divisions and their frustration with the situation in France.2.

The conflict has only gotten worse.

In 2014, the Socialist Party won a majority in the national elections.

But Macron had promised to unite France.

At the time, Macron said that he was going to create an economic program that would unite the people.

The Socialist Party, he said, had a mandate to make the economy stronger and grow the economy faster.

But it has done the opposite.

Macron promised to create jobs, and to put the country on the path to prosperity.

But the policies that the Socialist party has put forward have not only hurt the economy, they have also hurt the French society.3.

The two main parties have done a poor job of communicating with each other.

The government of the day, the French Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), has been criticized by many as a “parallel state.”

But Macron, as the country´s president, has no control over the UMP, which is in the hands of his predecessor.

The UMP does not have a majority, but Macron is in a position to set the tone of the party, which means he has the final say on how the party behaves.

This is the biggest problem for the French government, which needs to get together and decide how to run its country.4.

The election campaign has been a disaster for the country.

Macron won the election by a landslide.

He won a third consecutive term, winning 61 percent of the vote, to 42 percent for Socialist Party candidate Francois Bayrou.

Bayrou had been running as a Socialist since 2016.

Bayou, who was the youngest candidate in the race, did not win many votes because of his poor showing in the first round.

He did not even make it past the first phase of the election.

But he still had the opportunity to win the presidency.

He was able to show that the country is ready for change, and that it is a country where democracy works.

In a country that is deeply divided, Bayou could have helped unite the nation and the country, even though the election was close.5.

Macron is running a “business-friendly” administration.

In the U.S., there are two major political parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

The Democrats have traditionally run on an anti-business platform.

Bayous, on an economic platform, does not take that position.

Bayouk has criticized Macron for running a business-friendly government.

Bayoulas economic agenda has been characterized by high taxes, cuts to social programs and increased spending on public transportation.

Macron, however,, has promised to balance the budget and increase taxes on the rich.

This could benefit him financially, as he is an entrepreneur.6.

The political parties are not united.

Bayoun is the leader of the UPP, while Bayrou is the only Socialist in the government.

Macron and Bayou have been at odds over how to proceed with the country as a whole.

Bayour is the most radical of the three, which does not bode well for the future of the country and the French Republic.

Macron does not want Bayou to be president, and Bayour wants him to be a “friend of the French.”

Macron, on a business side, is not worried about the UUP, the two major parties and Bayoul, but wants the two to unite.

Bayoul is also the most popular candidate in France, but his popularity has been declining in recent months.

Many people have seen Bayoul’s leadership style as a challenge to the UUMP, which has been on the rise in France for years.

Macron needs to show his support for Bayoul and Bayrou, so that people who vote for the two parties are satisfied with the result of the elections.

Sources: CNN, Fox News, FoxNews.com, Foxnews.com.com

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