What you need to know about the Mirror Bedsets and other bedroom sets from RTE

The Mirror Bedset, the latest addition to the collection from Rte, features two bedroom sets with matching mirrored beds.

The Mirror Bed sets feature a new and improved design with new soft wood furniture, including the latest generation of Mirrored Wall Pillows.

The Mirror beds are available in a variety of sizes, from the normal 1.25m to the extra-large 2.25 m, and feature a choice of bedding colours, from dark grey to dark grey with silver accents, for a complete bedset experience.

A new feature on the Mirror set is the new, high-definition (HD) screen.

The set features a full HD (1920 x 1080) screen, along with a 1,920 x 1,080 digital display, making it the most immersive display ever for a mirror bed set.

Mirror bed sets are also available in various sizes and colour options.

The mirror bed sets have a range of colour options from grey to light grey, with a selection of different textures for the mirrors.

The set is available in both standard and premium colours, and comes with a choice to have the mirror set attached to the bed.

It also comes with the mirror bed and mirror-like curtains and mirror wall.

Mirrors on the bed set have a choice between two different types of mirrors: mirrors with a soft grey surface and mirrors with soft black or white surfaces.

The soft grey mirror surface is suitable for a wide range of room-size living rooms.

The mirror bed covers feature a soft, matte finish, and come with a variety and range of shades of silver accents for a unique and attractive finish.

The bed sets come with their own bedding for the mirror, and have different designs for the wall and the mirrors: a traditional mirror bed, a more modern mirror bed with a mirror mirror, a traditional mirrors mirror bed.

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