What to expect in 2018: A rundown of the best deals on the best home in town

With the winter holidays looming, some homeowners are turning to luxury apartment ideas.

The first batch of new apartments is already rolling out in New York City and Seattle, where rents are among the lowest in the country, and many are located near museums.

The trend has helped the price of apartments rise and some are even going as high as $1.3 million for a three-bedroom home in one of New York’s most expensive neighborhoods.

Read MoreHomeowners will also be finding that many of the most affordable homes are being offered for under $500,000, according to real estate research firm Trulia.

That’s because some of the cheaper units are being sold at bargain basement prices.

For example, in the priciest neighborhood of Brooklyn, an apartment for $400,000 can be found for $1,200,000 in the city.

There are plenty of new homes and apartment buildings to be found in New Jersey and New York, but there are a few other cities that are making their mark on the luxury market.

Here are five of the biggest new luxury developments, according the Trulia report.

New York City: The Crowne Plaza, a luxury apartment building in the Upper East Side, is expected to open later this year in the heart of Midtown Manhattan.

It is the first luxury apartment in the region.

The building is also expected to have an extensive lobby and a restaurant, with a menu of dishes ranging from steak and lamb to chicken and shrimp.

The Crowne also has the highest density of luxury apartments in the United States, with 1,746 luxury apartments and 1,200 affordable units.

The building is being developed by CitiGroup, the investment firm run by former president Donald Trump.

A luxury hotel and condo complex near Times Square has been named “The City’s Next New York.”

The hotel is expected in 2019 to open at the former Union Square location of the Commodore Hotel, which was sold last year.

The property has been used for the past decade as a venue for concerts, concerts and other events.

The developers of the luxury hotel, which has been built on the site of the former Hilton Hotel, have not yet announced the location.

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