What to do if you’re sleeping too close to the TV screen: What to avoid

The world is full of places where you can sleep comfortably on a couch, but what about if you need to?

If you’re just starting out with a new home, the first rule is that you must keep your eyes on the TV.

This means watching programmes on the go, but the next rule is to limit your TV viewing to a couple of hours a night.

For most people, this would mean no more than two hours per day, but for some, this may be too much.

If this sounds like you, try one of the following: 1.

Do not allow your TV to be set to a low-power setting, like a movie or programme.


Set your TV so that the picture quality is best suited for watching a programme.

For example, if you want to watch a documentary in the comfort of your own home, you may need to switch the TV off.


Avoid watching programmes that have a lot of ads, such as football, or where you don’t know how long the programme will be. 4.

If you want a TV that can be set on the nightstand, make sure you don,mnt watch it when you are sleeping.

This is because it can cause the TV to overheat and burn up. 5.

If your TV has a built-in speakers, such the Apple TV, make certain you can hear the programme on the screen.


When you sleep, don’t use the same mattress as your TV, even if you use the sofa or bed.

It’s better to stay in a different bed, even though you might be tempted to switch to the sofa.

For more information, read How to make sure the TV is turned off.


Watch your TV when you have a spare room, even in a friend’s bedroom.

If the TV isn’t working, make it work.

For some people, they will find it difficult to sleep on their own, but you can always switch to another TV if you find the one you want is not working.


If possible, make your own TV set.

This will ensure that you have enough light and keep your television working properly.


If someone is sleeping on your couch, ask them to switch over to the couch.

This may be a good idea for a younger couple.

For a more serious problem, you might want to ask someone to switch off the TV and set up a portable flat-screen television in their own room.

If all else fails, consider a bed or sofa as your bed.


If a TV is too noisy or you are unable to sleep properly, ask your doctor to switch it off.

The best way to make this happen is to ask the TV operator to turn it off, which is usually done by using a button on the remote control.

You can also make the TV stop working by turning the TV power off, putting it in a safe place and turning it back on again.

Read more: How to turn off your TV for the first time This article first appeared in The Conversation.

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