Victorian home with six bedrooms and storage bench, $5m sale

A Victorian home that has six bedrooms, a storage bench and a kitchen has sold for $5.2m in Melbourne.

The five-bedroom, six-bathroom property at St Mary’s Hill, near the Central Station in Melbourne’s south-west, has a rent of $3,900 a month.

St Mary’s is owned by Peter and Louise Mihos, who were involved in the former property, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

It was sold by the family in May, after a bidding war that included two bids from Melbourne-based developer Bancroft Homes.

A statement on the website said it was the first sale of the property in five years and was being offered to “one of the most well-respected Melbourne builders”.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to sell St Marys Hill to a buyer that values it as an iconic Victorian home and is looking to preserve the family’s legacy,” Peter and Lucy Mihs said.

Peter Mih and his wife Louise bought the home in 2014, when they were struggling financially and their daughter was just three months old.

They are also owners of the former Teddington Inn on St Mary Street, which they bought in 2017.

They also own a neighbouring house.

Mr Mih’s sister Laura Mih is the chief executive of St Mary, which has a history dating back to the 1840s.

“It was a family property.

It was a heritage property, and the family wanted to protect that heritage,” Laura Muhs said of her father’s original interest in the property.

There are currently six bedrooms in the house, with a two-storey detached home next door.

All of the bedrooms have a separate shower, which can be used in either the downstairs or the upstairs bedroom.

The property is also equipped with a central kitchen, including an en-suite bathroom.

Its four-bedroom upstairs house also includes a kitchenette, two en-Suite bathrooms, a balcony and a pool area.

The first four bedrooms in St Mary Hill have a bathtub.

In the downstairs apartment, there is a storage loft.

You can see the full listing on the property’s website.

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