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Victorian home with six bedrooms and storage bench, $5m sale

A Victorian home that has six bedrooms, a storage bench and a kitchen has sold for $5.2m in Melbourne.The five-bedroom, six-bathroom property at St Mary’s Hill, near the Central Station in Melbourne’s south-west, has a rent of $3,900 a month.St Mary’s is owned by Peter and Louise Mihos, who were involved in the former property, […]

How to fix a broken wall in a 2 bedroom apartment

Two bedroom apartments are great.They’re small, they’re comfortable, and they’re stylish.But what about those big, ornate wallpapers you find in two-bedroom units? “The biggest problem in a two-bedroom unit is that it’s too big,” says Michael Smith, the founder of Living on the Edge, a Toronto-based residential designer.“The wall is just too big, too big.” In a […]

How to create a bedroom with a bed and table

Modern bedrooms are now commonplace in homes across the United States.With so many of us using our bedroom furniture in our homes, it makes sense to consider what makes a room a bedroom, and how you can make it more comfortable for your family and guests.While the furniture you buy is important, the best furniture […]

When You’re Not Sure What to Buy for Your Bedroom, Ask These Modern Bedroom Ideas

You might be tempted to throw out your couch, but you may find that you have to upgrade the furniture in your home to meet your living space needs.The more modern, minimalist, and contemporary furniture that you get into your home, the more room you’ll have for your furniture.But you might not be sure if […]

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