How to Get a ‘Puppy’ for $1,800 on Craigslist

How to get a puppy for less than $1 million on Craigslist?

That’s what a Craigslist seller is trying to do.

The listing on the online marketplace has been flooded with interested buyers in the past two days, with people bidding on the three-year-old Australian Shepherd puppy for $6,000.

While the seller claims to have “taken the time to create an adorable and playful experience for all of our dogs, I’m sure you’re thinking: I’m not buying a dog,” the Craigslist ad explains.

“If you’re interested in this puppy and can help us save money, we have a limited supply of puppies.

This puppy is a great buy for anyone who loves dogs and wants to take the time and money to save money.”

Here’s how to make it happen: Go to and search for “puppy” or “pets.”

Click the “purchase” button.

The page will pop up with a pop-up that asks you to confirm your identity and pay the full amount in cash.

“It will be returned to you within 10 business days, or you can return it to us,” the seller says.

You can also buy the puppy directly on the site.

Here’s the seller’s description of the puppy: “This adorable puppy is the perfect companion for any family.

You’ll be happy to know that he is extremely affectionate and loves to play with people.

He’s the perfect pet for anyone.”

To help make the puppy affordable, the seller has added an “option” section for prospective buyers.

The seller says it’s willing to pay up to $6K for the puppy if you “pay for the entire puppy at the same time.”

The seller states that the puppy is “an amazing addition to your home” and adds, “If your family is looking for a puppy, this is the puppy for you.”

You can find the listing on Craigslist by clicking here.

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