How to be more like Bill Gates and get a $100,000 salary

The Gates Foundation announced Wednesday that its annual income for the year reached $11 billion, a record for a single organization.

The figure was based on $11.7 billion in donations and grants to the nonprofit, and $2.5 billion in fees, grants and other income generated.

The announcement comes just two months after the foundation announced that it had raised $2 billion to fund its initiatives.

It was also the second-highest-earning year ever for the organization.

Forbes’ Mark Gurman and David Harsanyi ranked Gates’ annual income at $11 million and $9.9 million, respectively, based on Forbes’ calculation.

It’s the second highest-earner for any individual organization since Forbes began measuring the income of the top 100 people in 2016.

Gates is a billionaire philanthropist and a former Microsoft CEO who founded the nonprofit in 1997.

The Gates foundation has raised nearly $10 billion to support a wide range of charities, including HIV/AIDS programs, education, global health, and more.

Bill Gates’ foundation, pictured in 2017, said Wednesday that it raised $11,049 million for its efforts.

The foundation’s revenue for 2016 is $11B.

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)The foundation reported that it collected $7.5 million in fees and grants for 2016, with $4.5 in fees being distributed to the organizations that received the most funding.

This year’s revenue comes from the Gates Foundation’s programs such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Women’s Health, the Bill & Tamara Melton Foundation for Health, and the Bill Gates Foundation.

The Gates Foundation is based in Seattle, Wash., and its activities include helping people living with HIV/AIDs worldwide, building an international network of HIV/ AIDs organizations and partners, and creating the world’s largest network of community engagement programs.

Gates is a frequent contributor to Forbes, and has contributed over $9 billion to the publication.

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