Four new luxury apartments for sale in Auckland’s CBD

A new luxury apartment for sale for $3.9 million in the heart of Auckland’s downtown CBD is just the start for a property developer aiming to raise $2.7 million to build a luxury condo in the CBD.

Rural Developments Ltd (RDL) announced the listing of the four-bedroom house on Thursday for $1.7m to $2m.

It is situated in a quiet residential street just outside the central business district.

It is the first time a new luxury property has been listed in Auckland.

The property is owned by the Daughters of the New South Wales, a prominent philanthropic group which has donated $2 million to RDL.

It has been designed by local architects Robert and Caroline Tabor and is located in a renovated old house on a quiet street in the centre of Auckland.RDL’s owner, David Cairns, said he wanted the property to be viewed as “a symbol of Auckland” and as a symbol of his group’s philanthropic work in rural and remote areas.

The house has a four-car garage.

It will be available for sale as a house of residence, which is available for private parties and private weddings, and can be rented out as a small apartment, the RDL spokesman said.

He said the property was built in 2006 and was originally designed for a man to live in.

Mr Cairn said the Daughertys donated the property in 2018 to the Auckland Regional Development Corporation and is now the sole owner.

The home was built for $2,900 a week, he said.

“The house was originally sold as a two-bedroom flat.

It had a garage and we have a big driveway.

We did not have a lot of space.”

The home is currently being assessed by the Auckland Council.

The Daughters have been a philanthropist in the community, donating a combined $2 billion to local organisations and non-profit groups.RDl’s founder, David Rochon, said the company had a “very strong track record of delivering results in rural New Zealand” and had donated to the Dunedin Local Government.

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