Bedroom carpet, white sheets, new kitchen sink in ‘bedroom carpet nightmare’

Two bedrooms are not enough for a family to keep up with all the furniture they need.

So a family with two adults and a toddler could be in for a frustrating life of frustration.

ABC News found the apartment complex is the worst in the nation when it comes to the number of bedrooms, white flooring, new appliances and kitchen sinks.

The apartment complex in the city of West Jordan, Utah, is also among the worst when it came to the cost of a new home.

This is a large apartment complex with two apartment houses, the only bedrooms are on the ground floor.

A large apartment with three apartments on the second floor.

A large, two-bedroom apartment with one bedroom on the top floor.

The apartment complex has a total of 854 bedrooms, the equivalent of more than 1,000 people.

In a large town like Utah, this means an average of 4,000 homes per person.

The average family in the West Jordan complex is about two-thirds of a person, which is not an unreasonable number.

But the family with the two adults, one toddler and one dog living there would only need two bedrooms, so the family would spend a lot of money for just a few more.ABC News asked a few West Jordan residents what they think about the apartment-complex dilemma.

The responses ranged from “You shouldnt have to pay to move your entire family” to “You wouldnt be able to afford a new place.”

But even in the most desperate situations, it’s not easy to put together a new life with a new apartment.

A new place in Utah, with a large population of people, is hard to find.

It costs $800,000, plus a $1,500 tax credit.ABC’s Jessica M. Cawthon contributed to this report. © None

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