A new grey bedroom set for $1,000 from Amazon, $2,000 at Walmart

TechCrunch is reporting that Amazon will be offering up a grey bedroom with a wall of picture framing and a bed with a “cooler air” mattress in the US on the heels of the launch of its new grey bed frame.

Amazon’s new grey mattress, the Gray Bed, is available in black and grey.

The bed is also available in the brand’s popular Grey Kitchen line of mattresses, and will be sold as an option in Amazon’s Prime shipping program.

The new Gray Bed comes in the same price range as the $1.29 million grey mattress Amazon purchased for $2.8 million last year.

The Grey Bed features an open-cell foam cushion in the bottom of the mattress and a black vinyl base with white trim around the edges.

Amazon is also offering the Gray Kitchen mattress for $399.99, a 40 percent discount from the original price.

This is a $150 savings over the standard $1 million price tag for the Grey Bed.

Amazon did not provide additional pricing details for the Gray Box or Gray Bed mattress, or how many Gray Box and Gray Bed sets will be available.

The Gray Kitchen also comes in a range of black, grey, brown, and blue colors.

The $499.99 Gray Kitchen is the latest addition to Amazon’s range of grey furniture.

In 2017, Amazon also launched a range for the company’s Prime members.

Amazon Prime members can buy a range and accessories that includes a mattress, bed, and desk for $79.99.

The range includes a $199.99 Grey Kitchen, Grey Kitchen Chair, and Grey Kitchen Desk.

Amazon also sells an array of black and white flooring that includes an assortment of furniture and a few bedding options.

This includes a range that includes three grey flooring options: a Grey Kitchen Table, a Grey Bathroom Table, and a Grey Bed Table.

Amazon has been expanding its range of products and services for the past year, including a new line of Amazon Echo speakers and a new range of furniture accessories that are currently on sale.

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